Employment Law

This is a growth area in Irish law. Employers and employees alike may need advice on recent developments in the law. If you have an issue in the workplace for which you think you need legal advice, Farrell McElwee Solicitors are expert employment law solicitors and have a specialist knowledge of this area and can advise you on the best way to find a solution. We have represented our clients before the Rights Commissioner, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Equality Tribunal and the Civil Courts. We represent clients in the following matters:
A. Unfair dismissal
B. Constructive dismissal
C. Notice
D. Discriminatory dismissal
E. Equality
F. Equality pre-employment
G. Breach of contract
H. Wrongful dismissal
I. Claim under Part Time Act
J. Claim under Fixed Term Act
K. Data Protection
L. Circuit Court claim for gender discrimination to include pregnancy claim, injunction, agency claim
M. Working time and holiday time breaches
N. Protective leave claim
O. Payment of wages claim
P. Breach of health and safety
Q. Personal injury claim for bullying and harassment
R. Trade dispute
S. TUPE claim
T. Redundancy claim
U. Terms of Employment

If you would like further information on our Employment Law services then you can email or contact us and a member of our staff will only be too happy to help you in any way we can.

Employment Law Solicitors