Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is the length of time a person has to make a claim following an incident that gives rise to the claim. Once the specified time has passed an action can no longer be brought. In the majority of cases, the Statute of Limitations allows two years from the date an injury was sustained or diagnosed.
Under the Statute of Limitations, children are permitted two years from their eighteenth birthday in which to file a compensation claim. Other exceptions to the injury compensation claims Statute of Limitations in Ireland exist for some claims for medical negligence, including asbestos-related injuries and misdiagnosis of an illness.
Victims of an accident who are considered to be mentally impaired or who sustain catastrophic injuries which prevent them from making a personal injury claim, have two years from the date on which they are considered to be “capable” – if ever – in which to claim personal injury compensation in Ireland.